J&A Bücher


Our Activities

We provide comprehensive consultancy in all matters and problems related to inventions, trademarks, design, know-how and the protection of software. Our services include the filing of protective rights of all kinds, both nationally and internationally. This includes especially German and European patents and international patent applications, German utility patents, German and European design patents, German trademarks, European Community trademarks and internationally registered trademarks. Of course, we also arrange for the registration of foreign protective rights in all countries worldwide.


We are admitted as attorneys to the German Patent and Trademark Office, the Federal Plant Variety Office, the Federal Patent Court, the European Patent Office and the Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market and to other international authorities concerned with the protection of industrial property rights. In certain cases, we are also admitted to the Federal Supreme Court. We provide advice and assistance in all infringement matters and act for you before all competent courts. We take over the management of all your industrial property rights, including the monitoring of time limits and the payment of annual and renewal fees.


Further, we advise and represent our clients in all matters of Employee Invention Law. We provide consultation in contract matters, for example in connection with licensing agreements. We conduct searches in relation to trademarks, design patents and inventions, and prepare the respective documentation. In addition, we issue opinions, for example on the legal validity of a protective right or in relation to infringement matters. Last not least, we translate texts of legal and technical contents.


In filing, pursuing and enforcing protective rights abroad, we can draw on the services of a network of attorneys in all important industrial countries who have been cooperating with us since many years and with whom we have in part established very close personal relations.


Further, we maintain very good relations to various Law firms specialized in the field of Industrial Property Rights Law, and infringement litigations are conducted by us in cooperation with those colleagues.